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BitGate is a gateway to the global blockchain-based economy. Blockchain technology enables a world-wide Web of Value with instant, global, frictionless value transfers.

BitGate is implemented with a hybrid blockchain solution that uses Decentralized Ledger Technology, the same technology that has made Bitcoin so successful, while incorporating permissioned elements to stay compliant.

Click below to read the first version of the BitGate Business Summary. Stay tuned for a revised and updated version of our BitGate business and BitGate ICO plans by the end of November.

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BitGate benefits

  • Regulated by Norwegian law

    BitGate is the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange gateway in Norway. BitGate gives all verified users access to trade on a fully decentralized exchange.

  • Get advice from the top crypto experts

    We know that cryptocurrency is early stage technology and there is a lot development going on. We help you find opportunities, and give guidance to help you understand the technology.

  • User friendly and gamified

    BitGate has a modern look and has been thoroughly tested to give you the best possible experience. New users will enjoy the easy to use interface, while expert users can customize the interface to their liking.

  • Find new investment opportunities

    Follow our selected traders with years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and comprehensive knowledge of cryptocurrency technology or follow the top traders of a given period – find your own heros!

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Manuel Lains - CEO

Manuel is a technologist with a passion for cryptoeconomy. He holds a M.Sc in Electronics from the University of Oslo, and is an experienced developer. Recently the great potential of Bitcoin and blockchain began consuming all his attention, and he is now fully vested in designing solutions for the future.

Ivar Duserud - Chief of Operations

Ivar has studied economics at Connecticut State University and is an active trader of stocks and precious metals. At the age of 23, Ivar is already a talented executive, managing day-to-day activities and planning at BitSpace. Ivar is also a talented speaker, passionate about economics and the potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Christian Lains - Chief Strategist

Christian recently graduated from the University of Oslo with a masters degree in philosophy. He is a keen futurist and has investigated the potential and implications of blockchain technology since 2011. He is currently working as a blockchain consultant and is regularly holding presentations and workshops.

Jan Olav Solli - Investor and Business Manager

Jan Olav is an Economist from The University of Oslo working at Lundin Petroleum. He also completed Commanding School and was a part of the National Kickboxing team for three years. As of 2014 he has been engaged in investments related to precious metals, Bitcoin, BitSpace and Liberland.

Andreas Fykerud-Dahl, Senior Developer

Andreas has his background from Institute for Informatics, at the University of Oslo. Since 1999 he has been working as an IT consultant, software architect and senior system developer. His real passion is with Open Source Software and since 2011, everything within the blockchain and crypto economy realm.

Thomas Flemming, Web Developer

Thomas started working professionally with web development in 1995. Since 2014 he has been running his own consultancy company specialized in frontend development. He has been helping his clients Telia, Oslo Stock Exchange and Nordea to create new frontends using react. Thomas holds a M. Sc. in computer science from the University of Oslo.


BitGate, together with BitSpace, has an investor presentation day in connection with our share issue, which ends on January 31, 2018.

BitGate is Norway’s most award-winning company within DLT and blockchain technology. We will be presenting:

  • Brief introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and ICO (Ivar Duserud, Chief Operating Officer)
  • BitGate Presentation (Manuel Lains, Chief Executive Officer)
  • BitGate Norway Presentation (Torkel Rogstad, Developer & Thomas Fleming, Developer)

The conference will take place at Thon Hotell Vika Atrium
(meeting room 05 Filipstad) in Oslo, Monday, January 22nd, 2018.

The presentation starts at 12:00 and ends at 13:00.

BitGate Was the Main Sponsor of CryptoFinance 2017

More information about the event is available at

BitGate won the Norwegian Fintech Award as “Newcomers of 2016” at OsloFinTech Fest: Future of FinTech & Banking.
During the Olso Fintech Fest 2017 BitGate was announced winner of “Newcomers of 2016”. We are honoured, it was not expected so we are grateful. We will take this reward as a call to action to work even harder to bridge the gap between the crypto and the traditional economy!

Thanks to the team and to everyone that is supporting us! We are working hard to release the pilot in march, so stay tuned for more news!

We just updated the ICO page with details on what happens next. Please send us your BitShares account if you have not already.
Head over to the ICO page to read the update!
BitGate got the opportunity to pitch in front of 900 finance people at the Oslo Fintech Fest. After the pitch, the audience could pledge to invest while the event was running. BitGate ended up with a total of 60 people that pledged their investment. We will be working in the coming days to contact all the investors and follow up on the investment.

This event is part of a larger crowdfund that we will announce later.


  • Winners

BitGate won the Norwegian Fintech Award as “Newcomers of 2016” at OsloFinTech Fest: Future of FinTech & Banking.

The opportunity

Centralized vs DecentralizedThere is a gap between the traditional economy and the new emerging crypto economy. In Norway there is a huge gap, as the regulatory environment has been uncertain since 2013. Most noteworthy the Norwegian government announced MVA on Bitcoin, and then the biggest centralized Bitcoin exchange in Norway, Justcoin had to shutdown. Fortunately, MVA on Bitcoin was removed just recently, in February 2017.

Globally, the financial industry has been exploring blockchain technology as a way to enhance services and cut costs. However, traditional mindset and regulation leads to ignorance of the permissionless, open blockchain systems. The financial industry tends to use permissioned, closed systems, with its inherent limitations of centralization and regionality.

In most regions, the emergence of decentralized exchanges is hampered by the dominance of heavily funded, centralized exchanges and private permissioned ledgers. Because Norway has been lagging behind, we can now leapfrog development with a public decentralized gateway, as it lessens the regulatory hurdles and provides an easier way for Norwegians to invest in the booming crypto economy. In Norway, BitGate will serve as proof-of-concept for the new crypto economy paradigm, enticing banks, exchanges and remittance services to participate in the new economy.

BitGate Presentation at CryptoFinance 2017



Lasse Meholm, DnB

Lasse Meholm has experience as Chief Expert in Nordea Bank (IT) and was recently a member of Nordea’s blockchain team. Lasse has broad experience from IT Strategy, Risk Management and Financial Portfolios. As well as his bestseller “Investeringsguiden” from 2004, he has recently published “Penger fra huleboer til robot” about the history of and projections for the future of money.

Camilla Wollan, DLA Piper

Camilla Wollan is a DLA Piper Partner in the Finance and Projects Department. She specializes in financial law and has worked for numerous banks. Camilla is interested in the fintech and blockchain space as a challenge for financial regulations.

Lars Hektoen, Founder of Cultura Bank

Lars Hektoen has a background from economics and business administration. He went on to become a manager at Chase Manhattan Bank and President at ABB Financial Services AS, before finally founding Cultura Bank, recently crowned the most Ethical Bank in Norway!

Bjørn "Mr Bitcoin" Bjercke, Blockchain Specialist Acando

Bjorn has solid knowledge in emerging trends of fintech. He is known as Mr. Bitcoin, and possesses great skills in Blockchain technology. He has produced numerous articles on the subject and plays a central role in how Blockchain will be used in Norway. Currently involved in Global Core ID, Block Chain Medical Records and Norchain.

Ned Scott (@ned), Steemit

CEO and co-founder of the blockchainbased social media platform Steemit, that pays you to post, comment and upvote content. Ned also has a background as a Business operations and financial analyst.

Sylvia Johnsen - Risk and Compliance

Sylvia has extensive experience with incident handling and legislative interpretations to do with Transaction Products and AML/KYC. She has worked on building robust and secure authorisation in Cash Management and Backoffice applications. She has also worked on Business Development for end-user technology. Sylvia has been interested in Bitcoin and blockchain for the last few years. In her spare time Sylvia plays chess (Woman FIDE Master).

Fabian Schuh (@xeroc), ChainSquad

In addition to funding ChainSquad, xeroc is co-author of BitShares whitepaper, hero poster at BitShares. He also has a PhD in in electrical engineering, working on communications and information theory.

Robert Viglione (@robert.viglione), ZenCash

Rob is the Co-founder of ZenCash and a former physicist and mathematician with experience working on Bitshares, BlockPay, Zclassic, Seasteading, and Bitgate. He’s currently a PhD Candidate in Finance researching cryptofinance and teaching “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance.”

Raymond Øverlie

Raymond has 20+ years of experience from the financial markets and as an investor he has been founding partner of several startups. Through his work he has earned an unique experience in different fields as Partner, Chairman, board member, FX, stocks and derivatives trader, CEO and CFO. He has a background from the Norwegian School of Economics and the Harvard Busniness School.

Sigve Kvalsvik (@svk), Kvalsvik Crypto

SVK has been working on the Bitshares and Steem GUI. He’s also working on an open-source Javascript library for constructing and signing transactions. SVK is a pillar of the community.


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