BitGate ICO

** UPDATE 16/02:

All participants in the ICO that invested with STEEM or by BITSHARES, we need your email address to send you updates and details of transfer of tokens. Please send a memo with your email address to bitgate-ico1. Or send us a random string to then verify the string by a memo.

We will start sending out information once we receive emails. So the faster we get them, the faster you get your tokens.

There is still those of you that did not send your BitShares account name. We cannot send you tokens until you do. So if you have not sent it yet, please send us the address ASAP.

In the next days we will start sending out information and reminders to everyone. Again thank you for participation.

** UPDATE 14/02:

First we want to aoplogize for the late update, we launched or FIAT crowd fund the 9th of February, and it has taken up a lot of our time. However we want to thank anyone that participated, the ICO went over all expectations. We asked for 20 BTC, but received 52 in just 15 days!

In the coming days we will send out reminders to everyone that did not send us their BitShares account. The BitGateCoin tokens will be issued with BitShares, so to claim your tokens you will need to create a BitShares account, and then send the account name to us. You can send your account name to

Our goal is to issue all the BitGateCoin tokens as soon as possible but we need everyone to submit their emails and bitshares accounts so that we can get started. We will contact everyone by e-mail with details of the amount of BitGateCoins they are entitled to, and details of the transfer. If you do not provide us with an BitShares account, then you will still be able to claim your coins, but we cannot send you the coins until an account name is provided.

In other news BitGate won the “Newcomer of 2016” award, at the Oslo Fintech Fest. The Norwegian government has finally removed VAT on Bitcoin, which means we will finally be legally able to release a pilot in March or sooner. So stay tuned for further updates 🙂

** UPDATE 18/01:

We appreciate all the support from the community, and since the crowdfund is scheduled to continue until 31th of January and the crowdfund has been such a success so far, we want to protect our early investors by increasing the amount of stake given away by 1% for every 10 BTC extra we get after 50 BTC, until a cap of 100 BTC where a total of 10% stake would be given away. This will ensure a valuation capped at a maximum of $1 million until the crowdfund February 9th.

** UPDATE 24/01:

After consulting with our legal team, we have clarified the terms of the crowdfund (below):
Terms and conditions

ICO Status

A Total of
collected in

ICO Early Bird Discounts

  • First 5000$

    Until 5000$ target is reached everyone gets a 2x multiplier on the donation!

  • First 10000$

    Until 10000$ target is reached everyone gets a 1.5x multiplier on the donation!

  • First 20000$

    Until 20000$ target is reached everyone gets a 1.2x multiplier on the donation!

  • First 30000$

    Until 30000$ target is reached everyone gets a 1.1x multiplier on the donation!

ICO Participation Perks

Everyone that invested on January 11 or 12, please send a mail to to claim your Participation perks.

Contribute 10$ or more

The first 30 participants who contribute 10$ or more


will get a shoutout thank you note.

There Are

Contribute 100$ or more

The first 10 participants who contribute 100$ or more


will get a 30 minute Skype session with one of the BitSpace founders.

There Are

Contribute 50$ or more

The first 20 participants who contribute 50$ or more


will get a question answered on video.

There Are

Contribute 500$ or more

The first 5 participants who contribute 500$ or more


will get a 1 hour of free consulting with both of the BitSpace founders

There Are

Frequently Asked Questions

We need a way to identify you when you invest with bitcoin. We will send you instructions with a unique address that you can transfer bitcoin to.
Everyone will receive their tokens the first week of February. We have to calculate each individual contribution against the total number of tokens, so that the distribution of tokens will be correct.
BitGate is a startup that is Being developed by BitSpace. The aim of BitGate is to set up a gateway that is regulated and safe. Trust is imperative to us. We have partnered with Cultura Bank and DLA Piper for legal consulting. BitSpace is a legal entity, registered in Norway, and if you have any questions about our operations, please do not hesitate to ask our CEO Manuel Lains at
We want community feedback and a chance to improve our proposal before going big the 9th of February.
Please send us an email at or call us on +47 922 88 775. If you live in Norway, come visit us in Oslo 🙂